Can You Make Money With Helping Hands International?

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What is Helping Hands International About, Exactly?

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This is the ultimate plan that has been produced by the Helping Hands International. This compensation plan helps to stand you in the topmost management of the company.

In this system, all you have to do is to make a plan and persuade people to make it 2X2 and 2X5 in the form of matrix marketing system. In this process, all you have to do is to fill the matrix system by referring two persons.

If you add another person, your matrix chain will fill up faster, and you will reach the top level by the repeating this process over and over again. In this Helping Hands International Review, i will be taking you through how the help hands international works.

The Good

  1.  In this matrix chain system you will get to earn in five different stages. With the increment in different stages, you will get to earn more which will change your life in a complete way. These are the rewards that you will get in completing every matrix chain.
  2. The entry fee in this matrix system is only $40. This amount you have to pay only one time. If you prefer a paid member to your chain, then you will get 20% of the bonus. That means you will get $8 if you refer a paid member to your referral matrix chain. Not only this if you bring another member to the matrix chain then you will also get an additional bonus from the company.
  3. There are five stages of the compensation plan. In the first and the last stage, you have to fulfill the criteria of filling the matrix chain with two customers. In the middle second, the third and fourth stage you have to produce only five members according to the matrix plan.

The Bad

  1.  It is very hard to find the customers to fulfill the matrix chain. The information that has been provided regarding the origin of helping hands International is vague at times.
  2. Getting the bonus is possible only when the market is free. It is very hard to overview the market with so many plans from the other companies.


Target Audience of Helping Hands International

Helping Hands International advertises themselves as an empowerment program for the common people. It is a charitable work that has been done for helping the children and the people in different parts of the country.

 Compensation Plan of Helping Hands International

There are five stages of making it big in Helping Hands International. At stage 1 you have to make two referral which will be known as ASSOCIATE in this business. In the referral bonus in stage 1 is $16 and the matrix bonus is $10.

That means you will get $26 in the first stage.

In the second stage known as the MASTER STAGE, you have to make five referrals for which you will get $1000 cash.

Stage 3 is known as SUPER MASTERS where you have to bring five referrals and get the $3000 bonus.

Stage 4 known as the MINISTER where you have to bring five referrals again, and you will get a bonus of $6,000. If the bonus in this stage matches 5%=$3, 00 then your upper link will get a payment automatically.

Stage 5 is known as MINISTER where you have to provide two referrals and you will get a bonus of $12, 000. In this stage also if the bonus matches 5%-$600 your upper link will get a payment.

Helping Hands International Support  

In helping hands international review (h2I), the company supports people by giving a business loan, educational funds for the children who are their member, T Scholarship for the Orphans, scholarship for the Religious People from their Humanitarian services.

The owners of the company support it as they think helping people is a service for the nation. They also provide trade and skill acquisition services, asset and property support services, financial empowerment services and scholarship award services.


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How to Make Money With Helping Hand International | YouTube


My Final Opinion of Helping Hands International

When you boil things down Helping Hands International is a multi-level marketing scheme. There are many people who have said that they have benefited from this program.

You will make a profit only after you join a certain number of new members into the program and there is also an upfront registration fee. If you are okay with all these criterions then investing in Helping Hands International is not at all a bad choice.

What do you think of my helping hand's international review? Are you a member of this program? Please feel free to drop your opinion and feedback in my comment area.


Helping Hands International at a Glance

Name: Helping Hands International

Website: https://www.helpinghandsintern

Owners: Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis

Price: $40


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Overall Scam Rank: 0.1 out of 100



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  1. I am not a member of this program but I would give it a try. However, I think there are better alternatives out there. There matrix chain system of rewards, and all the different requirements, seem hard to fulfill. I would definitely do more research first before paying that upfront fee.


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