Heaven Gifts Review: Is It a Legit Electronic Cigarette Store Or Scam?

Heaven Gifts Summary Review

You are welcome to my Heaven gifts review.

Heaven gifts is a legitimate online company that sells electronic cigarettes with shipping of products worldwide.

It is a legitimate site that upholds integrity at all times.

Furthermore, it is a good business for people who specialize in affiliate since its program allows for earning by way of commission for sales made through affiliate links.

I would recommend the site to anyone who wishes to purchase electronic cigarettes as well as those who want to earn extra income through affiliate programs.



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Heaven Gifts at a Glance

Name: Heaven Gifts

Website: www.heavensgifts.com

Our overall rating: 68/100


What Is Heaven Gifts About, Exactly?

Heaven Gift is a trustworthy site that distributes electronic cigarettes which include Eleaf, WISMEC, SMOK, IJOY, GeekVape, and many more products.

The company was started 10 years ago, and it has been a great supplier of e-cigarettes to customers who are pleased with the services offered by the company.

Moreover, the company supplies its products worldwide in countries such as the USA, and most of the European and other countries being covered.



Heaven Gifts Prices

The prices of goods at Heaven Gifts are reasonable and way slightly lower than that of local stores thus making it the best site to purchase e-cigarettes.


What Are Heaven Gifts Payments And Methods?

Flexibility is paramount to the site thus its customers have a number of payment methods they choose from in paying for purchased items.

Payment includes PayPal, credit cards, and bank transfers.


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Heaven Gifts Return and Refund Policy.

The company accepts to return goods which could have been damaged during transportation.

The return policy articulates that the returned goods should not be tampered with by the customer in whatsoever way possible.

Moreover, goods that would have been wrongly sent to the wrong recipient can also be returned to the company.

Heaven Gifts Shipping Guide

The company provides 24 hours shipping service with large warehouses which makes the shipping process faster.

Consequently, orders are delivered within 24 hours after full payment has been made. Customers have the option of choosing from different shipping options which are registered by the company.


Heaven Gift Customer Service

The site has an excellent customer care service who is committed to offering assistance to customers’ when the need arises.

They are glad to give feedback when issues arise thus customers are left satisfied with their experience with the site.

What Are Heaven Gifts Rewards And Credit Programs?

Heaven gifts reward its affiliates who sell their products through marketing by way of commission. The site boasts one of the highest commission in the affiliate world with 10% of the price of the goods sold through affiliate links.

Thus the site is a good source of income for those who venture into affiliate programs.

Heaven Gifts The Largest e-Cigarette Wholesaler | YouTube


What Is Good About Heaven Gifts?

  1. Heaven Gifts' e-cigarettes are cheaper compared to other competitors with products that have reasonable prices that give value for money.
  2. Heaven Gifts is one of the best ways of earning a good source of income through their affiliate programs. They have one of the highest commission on sales which is up to 10% of the price of the goods sold.
  3. Customer care is dedicated to answering all the issues put forward by the customers which makes the company reliable since customers get satisfied with most of the critical issues get resolved.


What Are The Issues With Heaven Gifts?

  1. Clients pay more for the cost of shipping since their shipping cost is slightly higher than normal.
  2. Orders which cross international borders tend to take longer to be delivered this has been attributed to the nature of variation of policies at the borders of different geographical areas.
  3. The company is yet to cater to the growing demand in the international market, but this only means that it has a huge potential for growing future prospects.

What Are Public And Online Complaint On Heavens Gifts?

Online and public opinion on Heaven Gifts indicates a positive experience with the site.

One customer articulates that their products are certified, and when counter checked with their original site, they are indeed genuine.

Moreover, their customer service is quick to attend to the queries of the customers.


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Are There Alternatives To Heaven Gifts?

There are many alternatives out there to choose from which are similar to Heaven Gifts but my best alternative is VaporFi.

You will thank me later when you check it out.

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Is It Safe To Purchase On Heaven Gifts?

It is absolutely safe to purchase products from Heaven Gifts since the site is legit.

Although the shipping of products especially overseas would take time due to international laws, purchases from the site are safe.

 Heaven Gifts e-Cigrate Product | YouTube

How to Make Money with Heaven Gifts?

One can make money by joining Heaven gifts affiliate program where they make sales of products through marketing.

Heaven gifts bosts of higher affiliate payment of up to 10% of the sales.

Consequently, it is a good source of income for marketers who create sales through affiliate links.

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7 thoughts on “Heaven Gifts Review: Is It a Legit Electronic Cigarette Store Or Scam?”

  1. You have just given me a unique niche idea for my affiliate marking. Besides that this review has proven confirmed what i have in mind about niche store similar to Heaven gift. i have always believed that they are the best place to make purchase since they are niche targeted they will know a lot about their niche and pay attention on quality products.

    Thanks for this review.

  2. Heaven Gifts is a great site, they have built a reputation online as the number 1 e-cigarette online store.

    They offer great products at reasonable prices and can ship to you in a matter of days.

    I would highly recommend this store and believe it is one of the best online vape stores.

  3. After reading your review on Heaven gifts, this for me sounds like the company to sign up to become an affiliate marketer with them.

    Al the things that make a business successful is in place and the paying methods are trusted.


  4. Always hard to tell whether something is legit or a scam. Glad to read you recommend the site to anyone who wishes to purchase electronic cigarettes and earn extra money with affiliate programs. The ecigarette industry is growing, so I definitely think there is a lot of potential here for people to make some money. Thanks for sharing this review.


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