Does DoorDash Work? Do DoorDash Drivers Make Money?

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The delight I get when I have to order my favorite food and have it delivered to me is indescribable.

Do you want to make money with DoorDash? I am sure you are here for that.

But Does DoorDash work? Will it make you money?

Or, Is DoorDash a scam?

Before launch into the intricate details of DoorDash, it is a good thing you are taking your time to research before investing time in a money-making opportunity.

Well, I am sure you can guess how I found out about DoorDash-Food.

You should know that I am in no way affiliated to DoorDash.

Please ride with me.


DoorDash at a Glance

Product Name: DoorDash
Founder: Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Evan Moore, Tony Xu
Price: Doordash orders cost $5.99 with $1 as a discount for using the service for the first time as well as a 10-20% tip for the driver.
Rating: 30%
Recommended: NO


 Summary Review of DoorDash

DoorDash is a logistics business focused on food delivery.

The company offers food delivery service from your favorite restaurants to your doorsteps.

It is similar to UberEats by Uber and GrubHub. However, it has a little twist as there is an income making opportunity.

You can make money as a Dasher or a driver. The company enables individuals to earn a profit by becoming Dashers.

You must be wondering, how can I make an income as a Dasher?

Keep reading, and you will find out if Doordash can make you a profit or not.


What is DoorDash About Exactly?

The aim of starting Doordash in June 2013 was to ease the burden of goods delivery for merchants.

The company founders began working on a technology to help small business owners in 2012.

The founders of Doordash Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu, and Evan Moore were Stanford students at that time.

The company was initially called Palo Alto Delivery. The idea was born out of helping Chole, a store owner in Palo Alto build a technology to aid small businesses.

While they were unsuccessful in developing the technology, they discovered that Chloe had a delivery problem.

From solving the problem, Doordash was born, and the company made its first delivery on January 12, 2013, on the Stanford campus.

Doordash runs a business model that makes it's delivery employees, independent contractors.

These delivery men/women are called Dashers.  They take the orders through a smartphone and make deliveries on their vehicles.

DoorDash is a logistics company that delivers foods to its customers for a token. At the moment, the company serves over 18 cities in the United States and one city in Canada.

Door Dash is located in San Francisco, California and has more than 6,300 workers.

You can order meals from the following restaurants through DoorDash:

  • Asian Box
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Curry Up Now
  • Lyfe, Steam
  • LuLu's, Fuki Sushi
  • Oren's Hummus
  • Spice Kit
  • Tomi
  • The Counter

Doordash is still working on expanding its reach as more restaurants liaise with them, their city base will expand.


How Much Does DoorDash Cost?

The cost for using Doordash is $5.99, including delivery fee. However, you get $1 off as a discount for using Doordash services for the first time in some locations.

This offer is, however, not available in Silicon Valley. Also, users of Doordash have the option of giving the Dasher 10-20% tip either through credit card payment or cash.

Also, the price of service may differ based on the restaurants' menu and services.


Who Is The Doordash For?

Do you own a vehicle and will like a hustle by the side? Then Doordash is for you. You must be above 18 years old and have a license.

The beauty of being a Dasher is that you get to set your work hours.

Also, Doordash is for those who do not have the time to make a quick dash to their favorite restaurant. So, it's a win-win for everyone.


How to Make Money with DoorDash

Are you a “Dasher” (DoorDash driver)? You have three primary ways to make money with DoorDash as a driver:

  1. You earn a flat fee payment for every of your delivery irrespective of the value of meals and the distance cover.
  2. You make money through customer tips.
  3. You can also make money via bonuses or referrals

Note: the primary source of earnings is the flat fee payment, and tips earn from customers.

As an independent contractor to DoorDash, your job and duty are to deliver meals to every customer of the company that requests for it via the DoorDash website and the mobile app.

The amount of money you can make on DoorDash is within your control.

The reason is that you are at liberty to set your working hours and you work at your own pace. A friend of mine work as a Dasher and he claimed to do an average of three deliveries per hour.

DoorDash also asserts that you can make over $25 an hour working full time as a Dasher.

If this is true, the implication is that you can make over $1,000 weekly and over $4,000 monthly as a DoorDash delivery driver.

Don’t forget that you will make over $6 for every one of your deliveries; this is in addition to all the tips that are 100% yours for keeps.

Most DoorDash customers will give an average tip of between 10% to 16% of the cost of delivery.

You will need to know how to make more money as Dasher with the DoorDash website and its App.


How to Make More Money on DoorDash

Many people employed DoorDash as a side hustle. But some very few DoorDash drivers are earning over $35 per hour.

Below are various Tips & Tricks to make more money as a DoorDash driver:

  • More Deliveries the More Money You ‘ll Make.

Most delivery services companies pay their driver on an hourly basis irrespective of how many numbers of delivery made, but DoorDash payment is transportation based.

The implication is that the more deliveries you make, the more money you will earn; your focus as a DoorDash driver should be to deliver as many meals as possible to DoorDash customers.

You should learn to deliver the order at a speed of light. You must learn the best ways to get to the various restaurants, get the food pack, and provide the food to the customers.

  • You Must Take Delivery During Busy and Peak Periods

There is a busy period both within the day and weekly. You will know these periods through the DoorDash app and website ordering schedule.

Public holidays and days of major sporting events could be another peak period for ordering foods in various homes.

The busy and most heavy ordering hours are the dinner period, the time between 4 pm to 8:30 pm and during lunchtime 11:30 am to 1:30 pm daily.

Weekend nights are also better days than regular day nights. These are a busy but productive time to make more money as a meal delivery driver.

  • Know the Route of Your Coverage Region by Heart.

As a Dasher, you must know where you are going. Otherwise, you won’t know how to get the meal delivered to the customers.

Knowing your route and maps of the region you cover is a key to fast and quick delivery, which will lead to more money for you.

Your mode of transportation is critical in a busy traffic day, and what is more important is knowing your coverage route by heart.

Google Maps is the best tool to adopt that will help you discover the best route to take during busy hours and at any time for that matter.

It will help you locate where you are going, irrespective of the numbering system.

  • Knowing Great Parking Spots Is Key

Your knowledge about packing spots of your coverage area is necessary to how fast you can deliver the meals to DoorDash customers.

It could be challenging to locate packing slots within any busy and popular restaurants.

You must, by all means, avoid breaking local packing laws in your way to get a proximity spot to both the restaurants and your delivery destinations.

It is essential to know that DoorDash will not compensate you for traffic violations, nor do the company approve any of your illegal parking choice of location.

  • Target High Ticket Ordering to Earn Better Tips

The choice of ordering you accept to take will determine the kind of tips you are likely to get.

The flat fee irrespective of the cost of the meal is $6, suppose customer tip is $4.

You cannot compare that order to a meal that costs $100 for a whole family. Such a family will tend to go for a higher and better tip. Such more prominent laws of the meal will command more extensive tips

DoorDash makes customers pay their tips along with the payment for the meal.

This encourages better tips, and the cost of the meals has been proven to be directly proportional to the tips the customer will render.

  • Claim DoorDash Driver Promo Code & Referral Bonus

DoorDash employs the referral bonus and the promo code to encourage more drivers to deliver meals for their customers.

Every delivery driver has the opportunity to invite and refer to new drivers. Every driver you see will help you earn from $300 and above.

The amount of money you will make referring more people to become a driver with DoorDash depends on your location and cities. Referring to your friends and family member may earn you as high as $750 in some areas within the US and Canada cities.

It is a way to help new drivers push themselves to become good Dashers. Every newly qualified driver automatically has the opportunity to earn the DoorDash promo code.

The prospective driver will use the referring link provided to subscribe to request to join DoorDash.

If verified and qualified to join. He can then use the provided Promo Code after specific requirements have been made.

You must have taken 50 delivery within your first thirty days to be rewarded with the DoorDash promo code reward bonus.

  • Keeping Your Expense Very Low

Focusing on keeping your expense low will help you make more money with DoorDash all the time.

As an independent contractor of DoorDash, you are supposed to have tools, equipment, and resource that will help execute your delivery job effectively.

Reducing the cost of your equipment such as Vehicle, Insurance, Gas, Repair, and Maintenance will go a long way to making better margins and earnings as a Dasher.

  • Employ Other Delivery App During Downtimes

A driver will always be a driver. If you are a delivery driver for DooRDash, you can also deliver for another company.

There is downtime all the time,  no matter how great the company is. You can use another delivery app to make more money as a driver.

If you are a driver for any food delivery service company such as DooRDash can make you also deliver for GrubHub and Postmates.

Your vehicle must also meet their requirements; you need to try your luck with these other delivery companies.

  • Learn to Decline Some Orders

As soon as you accept to deliver any order either via the DoorDash website or through the App, you have committed to the job, and you will not be allowed to take any order until you deliver your current law to the customer.

You need to consider how safe is the route to the customer location (most notably at the night hours).

Is the delivery destination safe at that hour? What is the distance? Can you get a secure parking spot?

The decline option in the DoorDash App is provided for a reason. Ensure you make use of it but avoid creating a declining pattern


How Does DoorDash Work?

DoorDash works just like other ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber.

DoorDash employs its App, which is a suitable integrated web interface that helps the user to order food from a variety of local restaurants.

The company makes door to door deliveries of food for restaurants that offer take away or take out.

Users can then order through the App or the website. After choosing their restaurant, users will build their cart, place an order, and pay for their meals through Doordash.

A DoorDash driver calls Dasher will do the pick-up.

You begin your day shift as a DoorDash driver by setting the App and indicating your readiness to taken delivery for the day.

You can then accept the delivery request or decline; it depends on which suit you.

You will be directed to the restaurant where you will make payment for the client's food by the DoorDash driver App. Usually, you will pay with Red Card that is provided by DoorDash.

You will take delivery of the food to the customer's doorstep from the restaurants.

The customer has the features in the App to track the delivery of their real food time.

When the delivery is concluded, the customer decides to leave you a tip and also rate your performance.

Most importantly, the company had a review of its payment scheme. Under the old incentives, users could order for a meal and choose to tip a Dasher between 10-20% upon arrival.

However, with the new system, users' of Dashdoor has to include tips to their order.

A Dasher can then decide whether or not they want to attend to zero tip clients or not.
DoorDash Works In Four Simple Steps

Most logistics and delivery service companies use the same model. DoorDash works in four necessary steps:

  • Users Placed Order

Users will place their orders via the DoorDash Apps.

The Apps have features that will take you through different options. There are varieties of the restaurant listed with another type of food listed.

You can decide on the kind of food as per the closest restaurants that offer your variety of food at the best price.

You can decide on the type of food-based of different categories or search and decide on top Cuisines near you, such as:

  1. Pizza Near Me
  2. Chinese Food Near Me
  3. Sushi Near Me
  4. Cafe Near Me
  5. Mexican Food Near Me
  6. Thai Food Near Me
  7. Lunch Near Me
  8. Seafood Near Me
  9. Indian Food Near Me
  10. Dessert Near Me
  11. Burgers Near Me
  12. Asian Food Near Me
  13. Italian Food Near Me
  14. Restaurants Near Me
  • User Make Payment

The user will place the order by making payment after they are satisfied with their order.

Once DoorDash receives payment, the company will forward the order to the appropriate restaurant where the order is prepared and packaged for delivery.

  • Track Your Order

The driver called the Dasher would pick up the already packed food from the specific restaurant.

The Apps have the capabilities that will help the company, the user (the person ordering the food) to track the order in real-time.

This usually helps to locate where the order is located, and the time it will take to get the food delivered to the destination.

  • The Delivery of The Order

The target of the dashers or driver is to shorten the time of delivery as much as possible.

This is how to make money with DoorDash delivering foods. The customers usually tip the dashers.

The Dasher will earn 100% of the tip received from the customers that order the deliveries.


How to Become a DoorDash Driver

You can apply for a job through the company's web site. After application, it takes two to three days to get a reply from the company.

The company usually runs some background checks on its employees to ensure that they do not have any criminal record.

There is no interview process, and after employment, the Dashers attend an orientation program.

Dashers have to get their gear themselves, and this includes getting an Android or iOS phone.

Before you can be a Dasher, you will need to be above18 years of age and own a valid driver's license.

You will also need to own a car, bicycle, or motorcycle. You also need a valid insurance policy.

Below is a summary of how to become a DoorDash driver, earning money with Dasher while delivering orders:

  1. Go to DoorDash website to complete the online signup page
  2. Consent for a background check to be performed on you
  3. You must go through the compulsory orientation
  4. Get your Red Card
  5. Start working as a Dasher, delivering orders.


DoorDash Driver Requirements

There are crucial DoorDash delivery driver requirements that you must meet to become a DoorDash driver, i.e., a Dasher.

The requirements to become DoorDash Driver include:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age, and it is a must for you to be 21 years upwards to take delivery of an alcohol
  • You will need a vehicle (car, truck) or bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter
  • You must own a good smartphone either iPhone or Android that supports DoorDash App
  • You must possess a driver's license with a minimum of one year of experience
  • You must have completed the online or off orientation in person
  • You must be issued with a valid driver's license
  • An auto insurance policy is a must-have with your name on the insurance policy.
  • You must not have booked on any major traffic offense in the past seven years.
  • No more than three accidents as a driver in the past three years.
  • You must not have involved in any major safety issue in the past seven years, such as Homicide, Assault, Fighting, etc.
  • You must be eligible to work in the US
  • Having a Social Security number is a must
  • It is essential to know that all these requirements to become a DoorDash driver will be confirmed via a background check on you, the checks will be by the regulations.


DoorDash Driver Job Description

What DoorDash delivery person do is to deliver food to people’s doorstep.

DoorDash delivery drivers transport food from various restaurants to people’s homes. DoorDash driver is a food delivery driver.

The skills you need to be a good DoorDash delivery driver are:

  1.  You must be reliable, honest and trustworthy
  2. Pay great attention to details
  3. You must be good at navigating streets
  4. You must have excellent driving skills
  5. You must possess good communication skills, and
  6. Great mathematical skills
  •  So, How Does DoorDash Work for Drivers?

DoorDash drivers execute delivery requests as planned by DoorDash App. As a driver, you will need to schedule your shifts in advance.

You are also allowed to use the open shift slot if available.

You will sign into the DoorDash App while you wait to receive your order. The order will contain details location of the customer requesting the food and the restaurant.

As soon as you accept the delivery request, you can then access the delivery details via the DoorDash app. You will pick up the order from the restaurant and navigate your way to the customer’s location.

You can also contact the customer if you need extra information to deliver the order as regards directions to the location, parking, and gate access codes.

The summary of DoorDash driver job descriptions includes:

  • You receive the delivery order details via the DoorDash app and deliver it to the customer.
  • You must schedule you to shift six days in advance
  • You can drop into any available shift if available and you are chanced.
  • In some cases, drivers will need to do the ordering through a special DoorDash credit card referred to as ‘Red Card.’

As a DoorDash delivery driver, your request and delivery will be limited to your geographical locations and region as selected in the DoorDash app.


What You Should Know About working For DoorDash

Every intending delivery contractors i.e., Dashers (Drivers), must know the following before signing up to become a driver delivering for DoorDash:

  • Working for DoorDash Is for Specific Individual

Though working as a Dasher and driver for DoorDash is not a rigorous job, but to excel and do well on the job, you must have some decent characters.

You must be able to be timely with your schedule and with a cheering personality because you will be meeting with customers.

Your lousy reputation can destroy the image of the company, and when the customer rates you and it is below pal, you may be asked to go.

  • Working as Dasher (Driver) Is a Part-Time Job.

DoorDash has never promoted dashing as a full-time job, and that is because it is not.

They know that the payment is irregular because different pay with different location attracts a separate fee. The condition of delivery also determined the amount that is paid.

This is why DoorDash is interested in people that are looking for a part-time job. It is vital to know that some drivers are doing a full-time job working with DoorDash.

  • Working with DoorDash as Dasher is Simple

There is no need to learn complicated stuff.

Your job is to deliver food that is ordered by customers in various restaurants. Just check your Apps and accept to deliver the order, there you go.

You have freedom and choice of where and when to work daily, weekly, and monthly because there is no limit of deliveries you must make.


How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Make?

DoorDash drivers make at least between $2 to $10 base pay in addition to 100% of customer tips earned for every order and deliveries.

While the company's website states that you can make more than $25 per hour, most Doordash drivers have admitted to earning $10 or less per hour.

However, there are reports on Quora with drivers stating that they make $500 to $600 per week. This may differ from city to city depending on the demand.

Most time, the average pay per order is $5, plus any amount earn via customer tips.

The amount you will earn as a DoorDash driver depends on many factors that include:

  • Distance,
  • Time of the day,
  • Traffic conditions,
  • How important the order is to the customer,
  • Method of delivery, and
  • The time is taken for the delivery.

You should know that all orders that required Dasher delivery drivers to travel a longer distance will take more time for the delivery.

And the Dasher will be rewarded with better base pay.

So, what is DoorDash base pay?

DoorDash base pay is the minimum DoorDash contribution for each customer order. The customer tips amount will not influence the base pay for any order.

DoorDash will often make up the difference whenever the base pay receive and the customer tip amount is less than the minimum base pay.

The DoorDash drivers often know how much they will earn before they take up the order; therefore, you have the option to either accept or reject the order.

  • Summary of How Dasher Pay Works

  1. DoorDash drivers are expected to earn between $5 to $15 per order
  2. DoorDash Drivers Pay Formula = $2 + 100% Customer Tips + DoorDash Boost Pay
  3. Payment is received directly to the driver account through direct deposit weekly (Every Wednesday); the driver can also withdraw this payment via DoorDash fast pay.

***DoorDash Boost Pay: This is the payment received when customer tip and the base pay is less than minimum base pay.


Expenses Deducted From DoorDash Pay

Every DoorDash Drivers must take into consideration the following cost that will affect your earnings:

  • ***Gas Expenses***

This is the amount you spend on gas to fuel your car. If your medium of delivery is a vehicle, your delivery location is far, or your area of coverage is widely distributed.

  • ***Maintenance***

This is the amount you spend as your maintenance cost.

This will apply to you, notwithstanding your medium of transportation (Car or Bike).

This cost will take care of the wear and tear of your vehicle.

  • ***Taxes***

Every DoorDash driver is expected to pay their taxes as at when due and timely for that matter.

They are independent contractors, and DoorDash does not make a direct tax deduction.

Earnings of over $600 from DoorDash yearly will attract an issuance of 1099-MISC form; this form shows you’re the total amount you made working for DoorDash.


Extra Incentives Received by DoorDash Drivers

The following are additional incentives received apart from monetary payment by DoorDash Drivers.

You can call it a promotional incentive by DoorDash that gives more opportunity for the drivers to earn more money during peak and challenging rides.

  • Two Free Meals Plus Drinks

DoorDash driver is given two free meals and drinks during working hours.

  • DoorDash Gift Cards

This is a bonus, and it is periodic. It is a DoorDash gift card that can be credited to your account, and customers also receive it.

Customers can use such gift cards for the next order for free delivery.

  • Peak Pay

Peak pay is also referred to as Busy or Bonus pay.

So, what are Peak Pay Incentives for?

Peak Pay incentives are incentives that DoorDash offers its drivers that give them the capacity to make more money during the peak period.

DoorDash pays more money per every order delivered when this incentive is active.

This improves Dasher’s earnings because of the high demand for ordering and deliveries.

You get qualified for Peak Pay by signing up for your profile at the date, time, and location where Peak Pay incentives are active. The current Peak Pay incentive can be view on the Dasher app.

You will be paid a combine Peak Pay if you participate in any multiple Peak Pay opportunities that have the same starting points.

  • Challenges

These are promotions, incentives, or rewards for the active DashDoor drivers that will help them meet their earning objectives in a week.

Challenges help the Dashers earn extra money for executing more deliveries within a set amount of time. Problems are still in its early stages of executions; in fact, very few dashers will see this in their locations.

An example of challenges can be a completion of 20 deliveries of orders within a week that can earn any DashDoor driver an extra $25.

The deliveries and order must be delivered within the set time.

As soon as you observe the availability of challenge in your area or location via the Dasher app, you don’t need to sign in for it to take part.

The enrollment for the challenges is automatic in such a location.

  • DoorDash Drive

So, what is DoorDash Drive about?

Restaurants can employ DoorDash to make a Dasher deliver their orders to their many customers directly. It can be a regular order delivery or more substantial delivery.

For larger orders, the restaurants may require the Dashers to deliver the order with a specific after delivery instruction. Such as arranging the order in a tray format for the catering purpose.

In such ordering, multiple hot bags will be needed for such deliveries to keep the order warm and intact.

You cannot get Drive deliveries at all starting points yet; they may be only available in a general market.


Doordash Customer Service

Doordash has an active customer care service.

They have a F.A.Q. Page to aid customers and Dashers who have questions.

They can also be reached via email, although you have to fill a page on their website.

You can also contact them via Direct Messages at their various social media platforms or contact them via phone call at (844) 285-0248 or (650) 681-9470.


What is Good about Doordash

Flexible Schedule: You can work from anywhere and choose your working hours.

You can even choose your working location. Your income is limited by the amount of time you spend on deliveries.

Freebies: drivers get gifts from the company such as discounts, meals, gift cards E.T.C.

Drivers get paid weekly. You can even request for daily payouts using Doordash Daily pay.

This is an in house service provided to the drivers. Drivers can get paid either through PayPal or through direct bank deposits.

Also, drivers in need of cash can get timely cash payouts.


Issues with Doordash

Late deliveries: Drivers may be late during deliveries, and this used to affect getting a good tip with the old incentives program.

Some unavoidable factors may be the reason for the drivers' lateness, such as traffic or ordering during peak hours.

Also, some drivers forget the order or get the wrong orders delivered to the customers.

All expense is on the Dasher: The cost and maintenance of the vehicle are on the driver.

The company does not help its Dashers to cover gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance costs, and the likes.

The responsibility for having top-notched meals falls to the restaurant, and sometimes they do not meet up to customers' expectations.


What are Public and Online Opinions of Doordash?

While some customers consider the Doordash service as mediocre, others have given three stars for saving them from starving.

The company's payout policy and incentive-based system have been heavily criticized.

Also, a former driver claims he finds Doordash as temporary employment.

Another user claims that in the town he lives in the chances of making a living is slim as there are no many orders.

Most of the complaints about DoorDash revolve around its payment system.


Is Doordash a Scam? 

Doordash is a legit technological company focused on solving the problem of hunger by providing a logistic company to handle food delivery.

Although the company payouts and drivers earnings can be a bit overstretched, this doesn't make it a scam.

Equally, complaints of getting orders mixed make it an unattractive option for some persons.

However, for those who are busy to go to a restaurant, Doordash seems like an ok option.


Is Doordash Worth It?

While it may seem that Doordash offers you the opportunity of making about $25 per day, it doesn't work that way.

For one, you have to live in an incredibly busy environment.

However, for some towns and cities, being a Dasher will not be profitable.

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Have you used Doordash before? What was their service like? Kindly share your thoughts.

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