7 Proven Ways of Making Money On Instagram

Have you tried out Instagram? Are you employing social media to its fullness?

Do you make money on Instagram? Or do you believe people are making money on Instagram?

It is a known fact that you get people to engage in Instagram 20 times more than Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and also 15% of Internet users have an Instagram account. Instagram is huge for promoting your business and making money online.

When you mention Instagram what comes to mind is sharing of pictures among friends and family members. You can put Instagram into better usage and start making huge money online.

In this article, you will discover various ways to make money using your Instagram profile.

The social media world has become a global marketing network for any business. Instagram like any other social media is a rapidly growing marketing tool due to its ability to mobilize and connect people effectively through uploading photos.

This enables most business people and associations to meet their prospective clients by displaying what they offer to the world. You will also watch these two videos:

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Attract High-Quality Instagram Followers

The essence of building businesses is to solve a problem and resolve difficult issues. A niche without a market will die in its nursery stage.

When starting up on Instagram you need quality identified followers that have an interest in your niche. Therefore you need to gain lots of followers Instagram that has interest in your niche.

The more active followers you have the more money and popularity you get on Instagram.

There are several ways to build up your Instagram followers my best suggestion for you is to either build your followers organically or buy high-quality Instagram followers.

We have a lot of best site where you can buy Instagram followers, but you must be sure by investigating the said websites to be sure they offer highly qualified websites.


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Ways To Make Money With Instagram

Instagram users, therefore, enjoy the benefit of more than just entertainment. You can turn Instagram into a job opportunity and start making money with it.

An individual with an adequate fan base and an active account can easily earn money online from the comfort of their couches.

Instagram has various advantages that have made it be one of the most preferred social media platforms for marketers. This includes;

  • Instagram connects people to a huge audience instantly.
  • Level of interaction between Instagram users is very high
  • Instagram makes brands look impressive.
  • Instagram image editing tools improve the content.

Below are various ways to make money on Instagram:

#1. )Promote Products And Services On Instagram

Product promotion in Instagram are done by showcasing products using your Instagram account, and the brand manufacturer pays you through your follower’s engagement.

This is referred to as affiliate marketing, it is the promotion of other people's product for a commision.

You can reach out to the brands you want to promote and agree to the terms of sale.

From there, you upload interesting photos of the product and an attractive description. Your followers will be triggered to like the post and to try the product.

Companies and organizations scramble to make contracts with people who own accounts that have millions of followers such as celebrities and socialites, who they hire as their brand ambassadors.

#2.) Product Promotion Strategies on Instagram

These are various strategies to promote products and services using Instagram

  1. Using Audience Specific Hashtags

Though hashtags originated through Twitter, it is now heavily extended to other social media platform; hashtags is more effective for product promotion in Instagram than in Twitter.

We use hashtags to identify common ideas, event and occasions in Instagram and make it easier for people to find your content and products that are similar in nature to their interest.

Using hashtags that fully describe the product you are promoting will help you to easily reach your targeted audience with a similar interest in such hashtags.

It is also important you employ an effective hashtags strategies that both describe your product and services and it can easily be found through search engine.


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 2.  Knowing Best Time To Post

Has with all social media platform, knowing the best time to post your content will determine your reach. Therefore it is key to know the best time to post so as to target your audience productively.

Therefore, you must know your time zone and those of your major followers. Once you know your audience time zone, you can choose when to post your content based on what time it is in those time zone.

             3. Knowing Best Time To Post

The Instagram filter you use will influence and determine the volume of your audience interactions.

Instagram filters have a lot of impact on the volume of engagement. It is important you use the right filters so as to capture the targeted audience.

You can employ good Instagram management tools to identify the most effective and popular filters for your community and audience

           4. Follow Your Competitors Followers

When you follow your competitor’s followers on Instagram; it makes life easier for you. Because they already indicated interest in your competitors that implies interest in your products that will eventually result in automatic engagement for you.

Engaging your competitors' followers will increase your numbers and may result in great sales.


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#3.) Selling Photos Of Instagram

Professional photographers use Instagram to showcase their art and creativity. You can post your photos on Instagram, and your followers may like them and be interested in hiring you for their private events.

This exposes your work to the world of photography, linking you with prospective clients and partners, and when deals are made, you walk to the bank smiling.

#4.) Creating Sponsored Post In Instagram

Instagram user can create sponsored contents and engage their followers. This entails creating a video or photo that describes the product. These posts have descriptions attached to them and one can even provide links.

This allows you to show your followers how the brand connects to the modern lifestyle, creating the desire for one to purchase the product.

Companies and agencies can use your sponsored posts to present their goods and services to potential clients, and also to let the existing customers know of the improvements made.

7 Ways To Make Money On Instagram | YouTube

#5.) Promoting Your Own Business

Instagram connects you with a wider audience. You can use the platform to present your goods and services to your followers.

With about 5000 fans, you easily get to create awareness about your brand and hit a market of 5000 prospective buyers.

Frequent posts about your product and making follow-ups on the same will not only popularise your business but also fetch you a wider market and increase the volume of your sales.

#6.) Selling Instagram Accounts

instagram direct computer Gaining followers is not as easy as it may sound. A lot of people are not ready to build followers afresh. People like already baked cake.

This makes the organization that requires a broad audience on Instagram to buy an existing account that has many followers.

One can use this opportunity to create several accounts, gain followers and then sell them off to the willing buyer who might want them.

The value of an account varies independently with the number of followers the more the followers, the higher the bid price. Owning several active accounts with a large number of followers translates to real money.

Surely, with a good hands-on in online activities and a creative mind, you can make a good hustle out of the online time than sitting idly behind a screen, just liking and commenting on other people's posts.

#7.) Become An Instagram Consultant

If you are good with the Instagram usage and how to make money with Instagram, you can easily become a consultant in your localities.

Major companies in your location and region can easily consult you for the promotion of their goods and products.

You will have access to their Instagram pages and take over the manipulation of various outreach that will target various users and audience of their god and services.

You will need special software for such outreaches that will help you for scheduling of postings of images and content.

You can schedule once in a week and wait for customers to contact the various companies for inquiries.

It is easy to measure your progress and achievement, the companies you are outreaching for will ensure they note the volume of customers that are buying goods and services via the Instagram.

This can be used to measure how you are being paid. You can read more on this on how to make money as a social media manager


My Final Take

This question “ do people make money on Instagram?” can now be answered comfortably. Yes a lot of people are making huge money daily on Instagram promoting their products and service

Instagram, just like other social media platforms can be a source of income if used creatively. As much as it's entertaining, there are commercial implications and opportunities that Instagram brings in handy.

Users only need to get out of their comfort zone and navigate these numerous opportunities to make a living out of an entertaining avenue. It's cheap and convenient.

It just requires a willing brain to make it a business. Let's face it; there is more to life than having fun and Instagram gives its users the ideal avenue to do both.

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