You are welcome to my Changelly Vs Shapeshift review.  You are here to know which one of these is more profitable, better exchange or which one of Changelly and Shapeshift will make you more money. I can assure you that you are in the right place.

Some people even are not sure if they are both safe to exchange cryptocurrencies.

With the proliferation of the numbers of cryptocurrencies scattered across the entirety of the internet space, the tremendous increase in the amount of patronage allotted to virtual currency exchanges has become quite remarkable.

Virtual currency exchanges are now active participants in the economy of the internet with millions of dollars worth of virtual money being traded on a daily basis.

Whether it is the gaming enthusiasts who need restocks of their depleted Linden Dollar vaults or the shrewd investors that have finally chosen to rid their virtual pockets off the volatile BitCoin for decent profits, virtual currency exchanges provide platforms for their transactions to be executed.

Two of such virtual currency exchanges presently garnering waves of attention are Changelly and Shapeshift.

They both provide platforms for the acquisition and exchange of base cryptocurrencies like LTC and BTC, and Altcoins like Monero, XRP, and ETH. The question is which one of these two great Altcoin exchange is better, Changelly or Shapeshift?


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Changelly Review

This cryptocurrency exchange company based in Prague, Czech Republic, has certainly emerged as a reliable exchange facilitator for BitCoin and the rest of the Altcoin.

Though the major service it offers is cryptocurrency conversion from one virtual currency to another, it also facilitates the swift purchase of BitCoin without any hassle.

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Features of Changelly

  1. Impressive Website And User Interface 

It isn’t really an overstatement if one calls Changelly the best virtual currency exchange platform based solely on the visual aesthetics of the website and the user interface. This feature enhances customer participation in the execution of currency exchange orders.

      2. Swift Transaction

The purchase and exchange of cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform are both fast and efficient with only about 5-30 minutes required to complete a transaction.

     3. Low Commission Fees

One of the unpleasant characteristics of many virtual currency exchanges is the implementation of rigid charges on transactions. Changelly, however, has proven to exist on a different level by charging only 0.5% of each virtual currency exchange dealings.

      4. Acceptance of Conventional Currencies

Changelly doesn’t only accept fiat currencies like the Dollar, Euro, and Yen, it also supports payments via credit cards and debit cards including Mastercard and Visa Card.

    5.   An Organized User Interface

The user account on this platform allows customers to track past virtual currency exchanges and facilitate the documentation of each transaction.


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Pros and Cons of Changelly


  • The conversion process is very fast.
  • The commission fees are low.
  • It offers exchange services for all major cryptocurrencies and Altcoin.
  • It accepts flat currencies via credit and debit cards.


  • The purchase of BitCoin with any fiat currency is very expensive.
  • Though it does not require any form of identification, one does need to submit an email address to complete the exchange transaction.

Shapeshift Review

Shapeshift provides an instant exchange service that allows its customer base to quickly swap one virtual currency for another.

The company, which is located in Switzerland, is able to carry out crypto to crypto conversions with no hindrance whatsoever.

Altcoin such as Peer-coins, Litecoins, Bitcoins, Namecoin etc., are traded consistently on Shapeshifter’s website and form the framework of the company’s delicate services.


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Features of Shapeshift

  1. Fast Conversion Process

The process with which Shapeshift facilitates the conversion of cryptocurrencies is definitely the fastest in the virtual currency exchange business. Since it only requires the input of deposit and withdrawal addresses, cryptocurrency conversions can be completed in seconds.

      2. Only Virtual Currency Conversions Are Allowed

 While Shapeshift is definitely a reliable exchange platform for cryptocurrency conversions, it is unable to execute transactions that involve flat currencies.

This makes it impossible for customers to purchase BitCoin with any of the conventional currencies.

     3. Protection of Customer’s Privacy

Clients who wish to convert the cryptocurrencies in their possession to another do not need to divulge any personal information before executing the transaction.

Not even an Email address is needed to complete the process through one may be submitted in order to receive a confirmation message from the virtual currency exchange.


Pros and Cons of Shapeshift


  • It facilitates the instant conversion of cryptocurrencies.
  • It protects customers’ information and prevents possible identity thefts.
  • Its commission on each transaction is quite low


  • It is not enabled to facilitate the purchase of BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.
  • The aesthetics of the online platform is very bland.


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What do you think of my Changelly Vs Shapeshift review?  Which is of these two do you think is better for you?

Which one do you think will make you more money? Which one of them is safer? I hope this article could answer your questions as regards these two legit cryptocurrency exchange Changelly and Shapeshift.

Though the instant conversion service offered by Shapeshift makes the company a preferred choice for virtual currency collectors, its inability to process flat currency into virtual currency transactions is a huge drawback.

My question to you is which one is your best choice, Changelly or Shapeshift?

Changelly, however, offers amazing conversion services even though it's fiat currency to BitCoin rate is excessively high. Another plus is the acceptance of Credit Card on this website is a great advantage.

Even with the minor flaws in both exchange platforms, one thing remains certain — they are among the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms on the Internet.

For me; Changelly Vs Shapeshift. My best option goes to changelly. All because I am making money through the exchange and they are fast and reliable so far so good.

So, Changelly Vs Shapeshift, Are you using any one of them? What is your thought?

What do you think of these two websites for an exchange of Bitcoin and purchase of Altcoin? Which is better, safer and more profitable? Kindly drop your take in my comment area below.

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9 thoughts on “Changelly Vs Shapeshift Review: Which is A Better Exchange?”

  1. GREAT review! Changelly seems more safer, but after all, everything in this business is a risk. I know the higher rates are around the bitcoin, but many others are using even more than the bitcoin, is that right? Thank you for your knowledge.

    • Dear Dereck,

      thanks for reading my review on Changelly Vs Shapeshift Review. Which is A Better Exchange; I also preferred Changelly. And yes, it is meant for all cryptocurrency or altcoins.



  2. Based on what you’ve said (the cons and pros) it seems that Changelly is the better of the two. I wanted to test them both and I think now I’ll start with this one. If I want to exchange fiat for BitCoin I might use Shapeshift just because they have better rates.

  3. Awesome comparison, Very detailed. I have used Changelly several times and their conversion from fiat is acceptable. lots of exchange will not let you convert from fiat. I have not used Shapeshift and don’t think I will use it anytime soon.

    • Dear Jose,

      You are right. I am used to using Changelly too. I rarely use shapeshift (maybe once or twice for over two years); my choice is obvious.

      Thanks again for visiting my website.



  4. This is a very interesting article. I know many people are talking about crypto currencies like bitcoin lately.

    After reading your post I more than likely would have to go with Changelly as well due to due to being able to use credit cards, and low commission fees.

    Have you ever heard of ripple, and if so what you think about it?

    • Hi Michael, 

      Many people are going for Ripple coin. I am holding over 5,000 of Ripple coin. It is cheap now and you can go after it for the store of value. 

      I hope you check my website again?



  5. Hello Jofa
    Thanks for sharing your review, I`m still new online and get confused with the many shiny objects out there not knowing what to trust.
    Reading reviews like yours help make decisions easier.Although I have never been active in cryptocurrencies, I have read several posts claiming there is money to be made there.
    Now you mention 0.5% at Changelly to be an acceptable commission, I find this to be quite high maybe because im not experienced with cryptocurrencies.
    I have enjoyed your post and learned quite alot regarding cryptocurrency, something I`m really interested in, thanks so much for sharing.

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