Making Money On Twitter | Is It Real Or Fluke?

Are you on Twitter? Are you making money with your Twitter account? You must have read many articles on how people are making money on Twitter. This article is all about how to make money on Twitter.

Are you aware that Twitter has at least 300 million active users, even though it was launched less than 11 years ago? Are you also aware that many of the users are businesses owners?

The question many people are asking is that what is Twitter about?

If you are an active and talented user of the micro-blogging site, then you ought to know that the platform can be used to make lots of money.

You can achieve this objective if you are capable of marketing yourself and marketing for other people/ businesses. Additionally, you must keep abreast with current events and emerging trends.

This article provides valuable information on how to make money on Twitter.

How To Earn Money With Twitter

We have many people that have offered ways of making money online using Twitter. Twitter is so robust such that it can reach a vast number of people in a little time. Below are various proven ways of how to earn money with twitter.

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Sponsored Tweeting

Many companies are increasingly shifting their marketing campaigns to Twitter. Representatives of such organizations look for prevalent Twitter accounts where they can advertise their products and services.

If you desire to make money, you must carry out research on such companies, get in touch with them, sign contracts and then start minting money.

It’s essential to ensure that the companies have written agreements with you. Additionally, you must have proof of the sponsored tweets.

Anytime you are posting, ensure you limit the number of your post so as not to put off or annoyed target market/ your followers don’t get annoyed.

If they do, the consequences may be catastrophic. You may lose the followers. Consequently, the contract will be canceled.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with renowned companies that offer sponsored tweeting services. The sites usually have numerous clients/businesses that need to sponsor advertisements on the micro-blogging site.

Upon getting orders, the sites can sub-contract the jobs to you or other willing Twitter users. If you offer satisfactory services, you’ll get paid via PayPal.

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Sell Your Product and Services Using Twitter

Are you aware many professionals make use of the micro-blogging site to remain in touch with their clients?

It’s a relatively new networking strategy that enables you to maintain professional relationships with existing clients. It also enables you to meet prospective clients and establish valuable working relationships with them.

It is important to note that this has become a common practice. Nearly all professionals are doing it. Therefore, you shouldn’t get embarrassed.

Get Paid Writing Content Via Twitter

There are renowned online publishers that hire professional writers to write exceptional articles. These publishers then generate money by advertising on Twitter’s side columns.

If you wish to make money, just create accounts, write great articles and get paid.

make money on the onlineMake Money Promoting Product and Services Via Twitter

If you would like to make lots of money using the micro-blogging site, consider promoting products and services on behalf of other companies.

You can find lots of campaigns/ work given by companies that wish to promote their commodities. Depending on the characteristics of your followers (their interests as well as location), you can carry out the maximum number of campaigns possible.

To achieve this, just share shortened URLs of products that you have been provided with, alongside excellent product descriptions. Whenever legitimate page views are generated as a result of your efforts, you get rewarded.

Twitter offers you an excellent opportunity to advertise to thousands of prospective clients spread across the world.

Your job will entail boosting the volume of sales by signing into your Twitter account, posting shortened links of the products and informing your clients (the contracting companies) to wait for an avalanche of bids, orders, and purchases.

Make Money on Twitter as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money on Twitter. If you have a vibrant Twitter account with thousands of followers, then you should find products that your followers will most probably like to buy. When you find these products, negotiate with the companies and ask them to give you affiliate links.

Whenever you are active on Twitter, ensure that the affiliate links are included in most of your tweets. Strongly encourage your followers on the micro-blogging site to purchase the products.

Crowd Sourcing Through Twitter

Crowdsourcing is a brilliant strategy of inviting contributions from your followers on Twitter to finance a business idea. If the idea is expressed attractively, you can get sufficient capital to start or expand that business that you’ve always wanted.

Provide Twitter-Related Services

Since you have been interacting with followers on the micro-blogging site, you already know products or services that they most probably need.

For instance, you can create an application that allows your followers to generate desired hashtags automatically. Even if a similar application already exists, why don’t you create a better app?

Alternatively, you can have arrangements with individuals or companies, whereby they pay you for building and maintaining a strong presence on Twitter.

Twitter Training: How to Make Money on Twitter (The Lazy Way)

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When you have a solution to one of those familiar challenges, then people will want to know HOW to solve those problems.

Then you will be thought how to monetize your twitter account to make money really. The training will show you the process and procedure to share links to products and service that can earn you big money online.

And lastly, you will have access to how to do all the above automatically, that is on autopilot.

The implication is that you will start making money online through twitter while sleeping or having fun.

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Can you now make money with your twitter account? If you observe and implement the various ideas on how to make money online stated above, there is no way you won't rake cash into your account. People are making turns of money twitting online.

You can make much more money most especially if you have a website of your own. You can then use your Twitter account to increase traffic to your site free.

I recommend you learn from the expert, the Wealthy Affiliate. They will train you from scratch on how to create your websites.

What is your thought? Can you share how you are making money online? Please drop your comment or question down below in my comment area.

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